Instructor Registration Process

First Coast AHA Instructor Course Registration Process


Register for the Class


Prior registering Online and paying for your AHA Instructor Course, the following registration process needs to be completed and submitted to First Coast CPR for review and approval.


A) Take an AHA Online Class called Instructor Essentials. Click HERE for the link.


B) Complete the AHA Instructor Candidate Application and submit it to First Coast CPR.  CLICK HERE to get access to the Instructor Candidate Application. You can email it to us at

The AHA Instructor Candidate Application consists of three parts.

  1. Your agreement to teach 4 courses in a 2 year period and abide by AHA Policies.
  2. Signature from Training Center Coordinator from the Training Center that has agreed to accept you as an Instructor.
  • If you are aligning with First Coast CPR / Lifeguard Medical, we will take care of this part.
  • If you are aligning with another training center, they will have to complete this part.
  1. Signature of Training Center Faculty who certifies your passing score on the provider written examination and has witnessed your skills and is endorsing you as an Instructor Candidate.

You are responsible for Part 1 and 2. The TCF doing the Instructor Training will complete Part 3 after you successfully complete the Instructor training and your monitoring.


C) Provide a letter of reference from an employer, pastor, teacher, etc.


Once we have received your completed Instructor Application and your letter of reference, we will allow you to register for the Instructor Course. Your spot in the Instructor Course will not be confirmed until online registration is completed and payment has been received.


To successfully complete the process of becoming a Certified AHA Instructor you will need to:

  1. Complete the discipline-specific BLS/CPR classroom Instructor Course. You will need to demonstrate BLS/CPR skills proficiency and score an 84% or better in the test.
  2. Join the AHA Instructor Network. Please allow 3 – 5 business days after the completion of the AHA Instructor class for access to be granted.
  3. Be monitored teaching your first course within six (6) months after completing the Instructor Course. If necessary, you might need to be monitored more than once, to ensure that you are confident and feel completely comfortable to teach ALL BLS/CPR courses offered by the AHA.
    Monitoring options will be discussed during the Instructor course. They might be done at our facility or at your location for an additional fee..